The Follow-up is the most important factor in growing your church. Joshua captures every touch anyone has with a visitor.  A touch may be sending a letter, e-Card, phone call, visit, Invite to lunch or dinner. This is not just for a visitors first time visit, but lovingly follows them until they are involved in some aspect of the church.

Joshua automatically tracks the touches from correspondences sent from the Web, from the church or actions from members.

Know which Touches are effective and which ones work best with certain groups.

Process is so simple and easy that your information is obtained with a click of a button!
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  1. Increase your retention rate.
2. Stay with visitors until they are involved.

3. Know what touches are most effective with visitors.

4. Show visitors that they are important by showing
your interest in them past the first visit.

5. Know your Touch rate and  discover the number
of Touches it takes to assimilate visitors in getting
connected  to the church.

6. See what types of Touches are most successfu
in reaching visitors.

7. Enhance your investment dollars by capitalizing on
visitor interest.

8. A Touch keeps you on their mind and sends a
message that you really care.
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