People are stimulated in three ways

1. By what they hear

2. By what they see

3. By what they feel
Joshua's Video e-Mail covers these three
components in a dramatic way. People are
moved by emotion and not logic.
Joshua Video e-Mail was design to touch
the listener's emotion
and prompt them to action.

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  1. Gets the word out more effectively
2. Help members invite people to your church

3. Members can send video e-Mails to friends from their on-line office

4. Cost is FREE to reach hundreds of people instantly

5. Joshua notifies sender when video was viewed

6. Joshua I.S.N. Church System can send video e-Mails to any ministry group, small group, leaders or virtually any category

7. The system is more Personal in that it is personalized to the recipient and shows a picture of the sender

8. The Video e-Mail is integrated with the One Touch System and keep visitors abreast of exciting activities at the church

9. The e-Mail System involves all members in the promoting of church activities
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