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  Web-terviews dramatically increase your retention rate. Web-terviews create trust and relationships before the visitor enters the church. 

Communicate more effectively!

Web-terviews empower members to give prospects  a quick peek into the church .

The uniqueness of Web-terviews is that it is non-threatening, enables prospects to hear and see the Pastor in an appealing atmosphere.
Web-terviews is the beginning building block for establishing a rapport with a prospect. The more they see the member's picture the more comfortable they become.
Web-terviews gives prospects a glimpse of your children's care and facilities giving them a feeling of comfort.
If an unfamiliar invitee was contacted, the Web-terview's professional appearance and presentation legitimizes  the member.
Web-terviews will make your church stand out and far out shine other churches with a website alone.
Web-terviews add personal touch with a high tech flair.
The member can customize the invite based on the conversation with the prospect. 
The member can send a Web-terview from any location with an internet connection by logging into their on-line Office.
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