Joshua puts the power in your hands.
Church software should do more than manage members, sort data and show trends. It should also be a tool that members can express their appreciation, feelings and show others outside the church that they care.

Joshua's Relationship suite  brings an interactive solution to church management. Joshua not only helps with the administration of the church but provides tools  for the congregation; tools that promote caring, involvement, reaching out and creates a family atmosphere.

PERSONAL PROFILE: Manages attendees personal information. Process that eliminates people from falling through the cracks. Connection information, history of ministry involvement and other important data that gives valuable insight into the interaction of your members.   CONTRIBUTIONS/ GIVING:  Track your giving accurately, and securely. Pledges are tracked and letters can be automatically generated to inform members of their commitment.  
VISITATION:  A comprehensive and powerful tool that is totally integrated with the communication card and One Touch system. Leaders can schedule, assign and send volunteers assignments. Joshua tracks visitors from the time they come to church until they are involved.   CORRESPONDENCE:
Communicate with attendees and
invitees of your members by sending
e-mails, Video e-Mails, Web-terviews,
and letters. All correspondence is
integrated with the One Touch
MINISTRY ACTION LIST: Joshua's close loop follow-up system generates a weekly action list of attendee's needs. An aging features tracks the day of notification until completion which ensures no one's request falls through the cracks.   REPORT GENERATOR: Flexibility is a key aspect in report generation. Joshua print reports anyway you desire; it builds reports based on your request. You can sort it, filter it , move columns or choose the fields you want to view. Simple and easy that even a child could do it.  
PHONETREE: Joshua's Phone Tree module integrates with Phone Tree. Ministry Leaders can create any list from the database and send a file that Phone Tree will call. Quick, simple and easy.        


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